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We provide services that promote independent living and self-determination

At Better Life Community care, we understand that each person is unique and has different needs. Therefore, our aim is to provide individualized care and support plans that cater to these differences.

Our goal is to provide an appropriate level of care that allows our clients to remain in their homes and live as independently as possible.

We also work with family members and other providers to coordinate services so there is no duplication or gaps in care. This helps reduce costs for the client and their family while ensuring quality care is received.

Why to choose better life community Service

Why choose us

We have a range of NDIS Services that suit your needs and budget, including:

Our goal is to provide our clients with courteous home and care support to realise their dreams. Our team is dedicated to making a difference in our community. Our support workers assist you and your family in enjoying better peace of mind. We are a leading NDIS provider in Queensland

We Provide High Quality Services

Better Life Community Service

NDIS Provider Helping People Live Their Dreams

Testimonials About our support at BLCS

We’d like to thank you all for sharing your thoughts and experiences and for your kind words.

We greatly appreciate all they have done by just talking to Sam and listening to him, being there for him and keeping him happy at his activities, not only has this helped Sam get through this time it has helped the whole family.

Shams S Abid Family Member

I feel very fortunate that staff at BLCS understand and maximise my NDIS plan. With that, I knew my rights and entitklments and with their help,I was able to achieve great things and be happy with my life.

Molly NDIS Participant

BLCS has provided the answers for us in providing creative, interesting and engaging activities for our son Jack. The support and environment of BLCS reflects the professionalism and dedication of staff that we, as parents, appreciate very much.

Mirinda W.Pawel Family Member

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